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Primal Gym Provides Champion Training for Everyday People

At Primal Gym all programs deliver highly effective integrated multifaceted training programs to help you achieve your martial arts, fitness and sports performance goals. We train people from all over including Princeton, Trenton and Mercer County, NJ. Our personal trainers are ready to teach you mixed martial arts, Jeet Kune Do, boxing, and other sacred forms of self-defense and personal training. Feel free to visit our training facility today!

Now is the time to get in the best shape of your life!!!

Martial Arts

Traditional Martial Arts near Hamilton, NJ

  • Kajukenbo
  • Bujutsu Kempo
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Arnis / Kali

Modern Martial Arts

  • Military Close Quarter Combatives – Hand / Stick / Knife / Gun
  • Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

Combat Sports Training

  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Submission Fighting
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing

Youth Programs

  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Submission Fighting
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing

We offer much more information about mixed martial arts in Mercer County NJ on our website.


Fitness Training near Hamilton, NJ

  • Warrior Fit
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Speed, Agility, Strength & Quickness Training
  • Kettlebell Training

Interested in joining our fitness boot camp in Hamilton NJ? Sign up today!

Personalized Training

  • Our Focus is ALWAYS on you.
  • 100% Guaranteed!!

Whether you are searching for a self defense class in Trenton, or want to learn boxing in Princeton, our facility is close to both areas of New Jersey. Our personal trainers will be happy to help you reach your fitness and training goals.

Jeet Kune Do

Are you ready to join the premier training facility in New Jersey? Are your ready to learn or take your Jeet Kune Do, wresting, boxing, or MMA skills to the next level? No matter what your fitness goals are, our personal trainers will design a program that will get you to exactly where you want to be. Get in touch with us today.

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