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Primal Gym hosts monthly seminars and events with experts in both martial arts and fitness, as well as USA Amateur Boxing events. Certified trainers are on staff to teach one-on-one or small group sessions in Kettlebells, TRX Suspension Training, Speed & Agility, and more. Whatever your fitness goals, get in touch and we'll customize a program to get you where you want to be.

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McCann World Tour 2017 - Boxing in Hamilton, NJ

McCann 2017 Seminars

2016 was a great year having taught over 30 seminars on martial arts throughout the world in dozens of cities to hundreds of military, police and citizens. It has truly been my honor to train with and meet so many incredible people. With that said 2017 is just around the corner and the schedule is starting to begin to flesh out. So if you are interested in hosting a seminar, private or semi-private training please reach out to me as soon as possible so we can work out all the details

Upcoming Events & Seminars

Hock Hochheim's Force Necessary: Stick!
The Stick Combatives "Challenge the Tests" Course
April 1, 2
Jim McCann's Primal Gym, Hamilton, New Jersey
Impact Weapon Seminar - Personal Training in Hamilton, NJ
Hock's Impact Weapon Seminar
April 1st & 2nd
Military, Police and Common Sense Impact Weapon/Stick work, plus Some Filipino Martial Arts work.
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"I have been going to various Jim McCann schools in the greater New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania area for 20 years now. It's time for you guys and gals to get some credit for it! It is time to challenge the Impact Weapon/Stick "Black Belt" test. From levels 1 thru 10, how far up can you go? To the Level 10 Black? You get as high up as you can get. It's a review and a test if you wish! And, or a heck of a workout. Your choice. This is the time and place where we "take care of all family business" and get this unarmed ranking stuff done. It is time for the East Coast, but is it also time for you? No matter where you live?" - Hock

If you have experience in other Stick or maybe Filipino systems? Get credit for what you already know. We will recognize this experience and hard work in tour past.

Get started? Get further? Accomplish? Or just learn? All are welcome. No experience is needed. This is not brain surgery! This also offers rank development and instructor development. Or just train for knowledge.

Over a 2 day period I will teach/blast through all ten levels of our world practiced, our rather famous, 20 year, “stick” program, taught in schools and by academies as far as China and Australia.

It goes like this over the two days. I teach. You do. We watch you do it. All day Saturday and half of Sunday. Then on Sunday afternoon, everyone works through the freestyle scenarios of the big test, whether you are testing or not. It's just part of the exercise and work out." - Hock

What will you experience?

What are you doing, exactly? After 40 years in martial arts training, and 30 years experience in policing and the military business, these are the stick things, I find important enough to study and teach others. We will overview:
Special session - Jim McCann on Stick Ground Fighting and he will assist with all the material through the two days.
McCann Thornton CQC JKD Seminar - Boxing in Hamilton, NJ
12:30PM – 5:30PM

Seminar Topics

Getting Back Up
Level 1: Intro to Impact Weapons and their Stress Quick Draws
Level 2: Stick Retention Primer
Level 3: Stick Blocking Primer
Level 4: Single Hand Grip Striking Primer
Level 5: Riot Stick (Double Hand Grip) Combatives Primer
Level 6: While Holding, Supporting the Stick
Level 7: The Push Series Grappling & Spartan Module
Level 8: The Pull Series Grappling & Chain of Stick Module
Level 9: The Turn Series Grappling & “In the Clutches of” Module
Level 10: The “Black Belt” Combat Scenario Test
Level 11: Intensive Stick Ground Fighting
Level 12: “Crossing Sticks” Stick Dueling Expertise
Level 13: Intensive Double Impact Weapon Mastery
Level 14 and up...Higher Levels upon Individual Request
All Levels 1 on up:

- Who, what, where, when, how and why?
- Skill and flow exercises
- Medical issues
- Instruction/teaching ideas and methods
Although you may think you are prepared to fight back if you are attacked and the fight goes to the ground... But at the end of the day due to Multiple Opponents, Weapons, the Environment you need to get back to your feet ASAP… No matter how good you are on the ground. The combat clock is ticking. How long do you have?

In this module you will learn:
  • Instructs on the various ways that fights get to the ground
  • Punched
  • Tripped
  • Pushed
  • Pulled
  • Tackled
  • Intentionally
  • The Stand-Over
  • The One-Knee Up Over
  • The Knees Down Over
  • The Knee-Mount
  • Event-based solutions
  • Counter strikes
  • Counter kicks
  • Counter trips
  • Takedowns, escapes, roll-overs
  • Counter his weapon quick draws Your weapon quick-draws
  • Proper, legal situational responses
  • Follow-ups when you've toppled him over
  • Shin Knee Kick
  • Stop Kick
  • Leg Obstructions
  • Front Snap Kick
  • Hook Kick
  • Inverted Hook Kick
  • Oblique Kick
  • Foot Stomp
  • Round Kick
  • Thrust Kick
  • Spin Kick
  • Back Kick
  • And much more….
  • The Get Up's
  • Back
  • Side,
  • Belly Down
  • Solo Command and Mastery Drills
  • Off Bag
  • Ground
  • Partner
  • Judo Rolling Foot Sweep
  • Skill Drills
  • Worst Case Scenarios
  • Finishes
  • And much more…
Knife Quick Draws

The stress quick draw is the bedrock for all the following levels of study. “Getting the knife out!” One of the most important aspects in knife combatives, if not the, first and most important aspects, is drawing/pulling out the knife when you desperately need it. You can't do anything else until and unless you draw the knife out.

In this module you will learn
  • Knife selection tips
  • Elbow cues
  • Hand cues
  • Carry sites - yours and the enemy's
  • 5 reasons why people do and don't draw after the fight has started
  • Draw methods standing through ground problems
  • Drawing through the Stop 6
  • Legal issues
  • Legal recommendations “after the fact” (Hock is not an attorney. If you need legal advice seek a professional.
  • Who, what, where, when, how and why?
  • Class drills and exercises
  • So much more...
This Art of Boxing

The Art of Boxing is intended for the individual who wants to take the sport beyond the trendy cardio activity. Our primary task is to teach you the sweet science. You will learn hundreds and hundreds of old school boxing drills, in-depth strategies, winning tactics and evasive tricks, so many of the tested and true methods lost by the modern trainers of today. For boxing is more than survival of the fittest. It is a game of conditioned reflex action, destructive deception and coordinated, exquisitely articulated physical endeavor. We will bring you through every step. From learning how to make a fist to the tactics and strategies champions have employed to win their fights.
In this module you will learn:
  • Upper Body Support Movement Lesson
  • Boxing Footwork Lesson
  • Boxing Stances Lesson
  • Rhythm and Movement Lesson
  • Old school boxing punches
  • Aggressive pad boxing drills
  • Aggressive/Defensive Interactive Pad Drills
  • Defense Methods and Measures
  • Dozens and Dozens of Combat Chain Boxing Drills
  • Beginning Sparring: Drills, tricks and strategies
Entering Through the Brim of Fire

Getting into your opponent can be dangerous if not lethal. Learn how to solve these problems using Lethal & Less Than Lethal Solutions with a variety of tools in both leads standing, kneeling and on the ground.
  • Evasions
  • Redirections
  • Blocks
  • Covers
  • Immobilizations
  • Footwork
  • Strategies & Tactics
In each combat scenario you will learn:
  • Beat Downs
  • Breaks
  • Chokes
  • Submissions
  • Takedowns

Hock / McCann
CQC Seminar
Dundalk, Ireland
July 15th & 16th

Hock McCann Ireland 2017
Feel free to contact Primal Gym for detailed information about upcoming event and seminars. We look forward to hearing from you. (609) 584-8500